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The Early Intervention Program provides services to infants and toddlers between birth and three years of age who have been determined eligible for services. Early Intervention services include; however are not limited to, evaluations and assessments, development and review of Individualized Family Support Plans, specialized instruction, identifying available service providers; and transitioning to preschool services.

Each child in the Early Intervention Program is assigned a service coordinator. The coordinator works to ensure all services are appropriate and the family has information regarding available supports.

Participation by the family is highly encouraged. One of the goals of the Early Intervention Program is to equip family members with knowledge of how to structure daily activities to benefit the child and his or her area of delay. Opportunities are provided throughout the year for families to meet other families in the area and build support networks.

Rental Policy

Merchandise is the sole responsibility of the Renter – any item returned damaged will be charged to the renter.

Pick-up Friday by noon. Return Monday by noon.

Fern Rentals:

Keep brown bags
Keep ferns out of the sun
Do not keep fern in car overnight
Ferns only ride in an enclosed car or trailer, not in the back of a pick-up truck.

Items are not reserved until the non-refundable 25% deposit is received. The deposit will be applied to the total cost.

Delivery/pick-up fee inside the city limits is $100.00.

Delivery/pick-up fee outside the city limits will be determined by the mileage required.

Rented merchandise is the responsibility of the Renter. Any merchandise not returned or returned damaged will be charged to the Renter. Please return all items on the following Monday by 12:00 p.m.

Renters will be charged a $15.00 late fee for all items not returned by the above time.