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What is Vaughn-Blumberg Services (VBS) and what do they do?

Vaughn Blumberg Services is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency that provides or assists in securing comprehensive services for infants/toddlers between the ages of 0 to 3 with developmental delays and/or people 18 years of age or older with intellectual disability.

VBS professional and para-professional staff provides assistance for infants/toddlers with developmental delays and/or adolescents or adults with intellectual disabilities. Services available for infants/toddlers include; however, are not limited to: service coordination, special instruction and therapy services. Services available for adults include; however, are not limited to: case management, day, supported employment, residential, recreation/leisure activities and hourly services (in home). All VBS programs and/or services help persons receiving services become more independent and active in the community, while making friends and enjoying life.

What is the difference between small independent providers and agencies such as VBS?

VBS employs professional and para-professional staff, has established relationships with other professional specialty areas; and provides individual programs and/or services in a fun learning environment. As a community provider for over 30 years, VBS has stability with an excellent history of providing quality programs and/or services.

How do I get my family member approved for services (persons that reside within the local community or re-locating to Dothan/Houston County)?

People seeking services must be determined eligible and authorized to receive services by the state agency, (Alabama Department of Mental Health (DMH) that funds agency programs and/or services. Contact the Agency’s Director of Case Management to assist with eligibility determination and completion of the intake process (an application is available on-line through the agency’s web page).

Currently, there is a waiting list for services in the state of Alabama. VBS maintains a waiting list for people referred and identified for services.

Are transportation services provided for someone receiving services?

Transportation, Monday thru Friday, to and from agency operated day programs for individuals that reside in the community (do not receive DMH residential services) may be provided (if available) by VBS or the Wiregrass Transit Authority (WTA). Individuals, parents, legally authorized representatives, or caregivers are expected to cooperate as every effort is extended to provide adequate transportation for all individuals. Buses begin transporting at approximately 6:00 a.m. Monday thru Friday, with individuals arriving at approximately 8:30 a.m. Individuals depart in the afternoons at approximately 1:30 p.m.

Do you have programs for summer school?

VBS does not have summer programs for school aged children. However, individuals admitted receive services year round.

Can people move from one program to another? For example can someone move from the day program to the pre-vocational program or into supported employment?

VBS provides appropriate program services for all persons served. Each person served has an Individual Support Plan that is person centered; developed by the person’s Support Team; and based on the person’s desires, needs and preferences. Individuals receiving services have choice regarding programs and services; however, may receive services from more than one program area. Individuals may request a change, transfer, or addition of a service.

Are meals provided?

Following the Vaughn-Blumberg and Conti Work Center work week schedule, cafeteria staff provide USDA breakfasts and lunches for all persons receiving day program services. Approximately 250 meals are prepared and served daily. Residential staff also prepare USDA meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for persons residing in an agency group home.

How much do services cost?

Vaughn-Blumberg Services receives funds to provide case management, day, residential, recreation/leisure services, hourly supports and supported employment services for eligible and authorized individuals through the Alabama Department of Mental Health. The agency also receives funds from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, Wiregrass United Way, City of Dothan, Houston County and private donations. Individuals residing in a residential group home are responsible for rent and room and board fees.

Does Vaughn-Blumberg Services have a staff physician?

Vaughn-Blumberg Services does not have a staff physician. However, licensed nurses (RN and LPN’s) are on staff to administer medications, provide first aid, observe physical status of persons receiving services, provide quality nursing care for the persons receiving program services and ensure medical procedures are followed as ordered by an individual’s physician.

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